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    A set of innovative design, fashioned from blown glass in a wide variety of colours and finishes. Easy to wear.

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    Pieces made from Murano glass, using the "a lume" technique. Multicoloured in glazed and polished versions.

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    Products typical of the classic Murrine style of workmanship - artistic and contemporary. The fruit of decades of glass mosaic craftsmanship, using an ancient fusion process and worked "a paletta".

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    Necklaces made in Venice entirely by hand, using glass beads ("perle") from Murano and Venice, along with Swarovski crystals, coral and cultured pearls; all carefully chosen and worked to produce a high-quality product.

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    Jewellery in blown glass in unusual shapes; surprisingly light and modern.

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    Creations exclusive to Gibigiana. Necklaces and earrings in blown glass, notable for their transparency, lightness and colour combinations as well as for their filigree and GROUND workmanship.