The store

GIBIGIANA is a family-run shop which distinguishes itself by the authenicity of its merchandise which is produced exclusively in Murano glass by local craftsmen.

Much of our jewellery is unique, as it has been conceived and designed by ourselves.

The store is situated on Venice’s main thoroughfare, close to the railway station.

About Gibigiana

Del sole il puro raggio
rotto dall’onda impura,
sulle vetuste mura
gibigianando va.

Gibigiana (early poem)
by Alessandro Manzoni

Gibigiana is “the play of light reflected on the surface of a mirror, water etc.”

The term, which comes from the Lombard dialect, has become widespread in various forms throughout Italy.

In Lucca it’s known as “fare specchietto”; in Naples “palommella”; in Romagna “bagliore”; in Tuscany “luminello”, the Veneti, Piemontese, Cremonese and Mantovani call it the “Old Lady”; in Modena, it’s called “folletto”.

In 1980 the designer Achille Castiglioni created a table lamp, naming it Gibigiana. Explaining the origin of the project, he said “The name comes from childhood when children play with a small mirror to reflect the rays of the sun, creating this “Gibigiana”, as this game was commonly called in  Lombardy.